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Arise 5 Updates

Ancient Sounds and Anointings to Open the Ancient Doors
Eagle Dancers in Sabah, Malaysia

“The torrent of Kishon swept them away, that ancient torrent, the torrent of Kishon. O my soul, march on in strength!” (Judg. 5:21).

I arrived in Sabah, Malaysia, and journeyed to the north with Apostle Kim (from Korea) and an Arise 5 Malaysia team led by Aster Soong. There, we ministered in two different places to indigenous peoples referred to as the Anak Negri. Having a team of seventeen (which symbolizes victory) was a tremendous blessing. In Mattungong, the Lord emphasized dance. I told the people it wasn’t to be a Jewish dance or a Western-style dance, but an Anak Negri dance. The song’s style and sound was so different. We danced for a long, long time. It requires delicate footsteps and waving the arms like wings.

This was consistent with what we experienced at Kobe. God gave sounds and cultural things to ancient people groups to be used to worship Him. However, the enemy stole and perverted those things. Thus when Christianity came, those practices were (rightly) abandoned because they were used in idol worship.

However, now we see that these things were originally given by God and are to be redeemed, recovered, and used to worship Him. Furthermore, these dances and sounds release incredible anointing that crushes demonic alliances. This is alluded to in Judges 5:21.

As I pondered the “eagle wing” dance (I was later told that the Anak Negri were known as the “people of the eagle”), I saw that these movements were symbolic of eagle wings in the Bible (e.g., “I carried you on eagle wings” [Exod. 19:4]; “You shall mount up with wings as eagles” [Isa 40:31]; “Under the shadow of His wings” [Ps. 91:4]). I was very moved to realize that God had given this to them from ancient times. He was much, much, much closer to them and loved them then before they even knew it.

On Monday evening at Maranatha Church, similar music and the same dance occurred. There was such a depth of worship. When they turned the meeting over to me, I suddenly felt that God wanted a spiritual earthquake. I also saw that He wanted another “ancient sound.” This time it wasn’t that of the Anak Negri, but the ancient shout of the prophet and the warrior of God. Of course you will recognize that this is something we have been doing for a long time. That meeting was all about shouting—and lots of laughter—but also shouting.

The Shout Breaks the Shroud

Two outstanding things happened as we went along.

First, I had them shout over each other. I shared that when praying for people, I’m occasionally led to shout over them. And that when I do so, it seems like a shroud or a negative cloak is removed from the person. Instead of fear or discouragement, life seems to spring forth. So, I asked the people if they would like to shout over each other. “Yes” was the resounding answer. They shouted. Seems like there were lots of individual breakthroughs and just a sense of being set more free into the destiny God has for them.

Second, we confronted and broke witchcraft. I had sensed a spirit of witchcraft operating in this region, and knew that it was trying to cause confusion and apprehension. I asked the leaders to stand with me, and then we, together with all of the people, rebuked and forbade the operation of the spirit of witchcraft in the region.

It was an incredible meeting. Thank you, Lord.

Counting Down to Pentecost—Counting of the Omer (Lev. 23:15–16) Day 46

Just four more days until Pentecost. If we have been focusing on “living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God,” then we are properly positioned to receive what God wants to give us at Pentecost. He wants to give us revelation, provision, and His power.

Thanks for praying.

Ron and Teddy Sawka