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Arise 5 Weekly Update: August 19, 2014 / Av 23, 5774

Enjoying Time at Home, Summer Itinerary

I am so glad for you who are praying for us. I have enjoyed three weeks at home in Shichigahama. On August 21, I begin to travel again. My first stop will be in Kobe for a meeting concerning the next steps for Japan—it’s kind of a follow-up to July’s Homecoming in Okinawa.

I will then take a late flight and arrive in Kota Kinabalu for several days of meetings. Friday will be in Maranatha Church, which is led by Apostle Esther and her husband. The Lord is using them to help indigenous pastors shift and align with God’s plans for Malaysia. Because they are indigenous, they are the first ones. How they move will have tremendous impact on the nation.

The next day I will be meeting with a large number of another group of indigenous pastors. My assignment is to help shift them into the apostolic movement with the accompanying new mindsets. In many ways, Malaysia, a Muslim nation—but pluralistic—is essential. I am so glad that you are praying for me and for the other Arise 5 leaders and churches in Malaysia.

We are still in the month of Av (July 28–August 26), and let us determine that it will be a high point and not a low-point month. Here are some other points of the month to meditate on:

  • Choose to be a careful listener, hearing what God says and deciding on it so that you can move ahead.
  • Continue to develop spiritual discipline so that you will not be pulled backward.
  • Increasingly understand that God and the angelic army are always there to help.
  • Determine that you will not just hear, but will also meditate on what God says so your decisions will be deeper and stronger.
  • This is a month of predestined connections. God has prepared people for you that will help you move ahead.
  • Also, I declare a new roaring in your life. The Lord roars from Zion (Joel 3:16). As you praise strongly, there is a covering of the Holy Spirit that unlocks hidden resources. I pray that you will see new resources unlocked.

Thanks for praying.

Ron and Teddy Sawka