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11th Month of the Hebrew Year

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Arise 5 Updates

I am enjoying this ministry trip in Taiwan! I am so conscious of your prayers, and am rejoicing in the word the Lord gave us at the beginning of the year about “fire.” It seems that everywhere I go on this trip, God is pouring out His fire on His people to purify and to ignite greater zeal.

Celebrating Dethrones Enemy Alliances Against Us!

“And all the people went up after him; and the people played the flutes and rejoiced with great joy, so that the earth seemed to split with their sound” (1 Kings 1:40).

As with any subject, the more I teach on it, the more revelation the Holy Spirit gives. Last week we had a one-day meeting in Neihu (Taipei). Actually, a pretty incredible group of people were gathered. They love the Lord and worship Him often as they seek to establish His presence and open the heavens over their region.

In the evening meeting, I knew we should celebrate First Fruits for the month of Shevat, but was strangely led to the 1 Kings 1 story of Adonijah, who tried to usurp the throne from Solomon. The aged David had neglected to follow through on his plan to crown Solomon as successor. So, Adonijah built an alliance of key leaders and invited them to a banquet outside the city where he planned to be crowned king. What unfolded to thwart this plot is an amazing lesson for all of us. A few points are as follows:

1. Nathan knew of this alliance, alerted Bathsheba, and sent her to David (11–15). Often, the devil tries to usurp God’s plans and promises to us, and tries to build an alliance against us. God will use the prophetic to alert us, and will send us to the Lord.

2. David gave orders to crown Solomon immediately. The proper people were called and were set into action (28–37). Sometimes, the schemes of the enemy work for our good by causing an urgency to seek the Lord so His promises can come now.

3. Solomon was crowned king and the people rejoiced and celebrated so much that the ground seemed to split from the sound (40). We must celebrate! First Fruits is about celebrating the victory of the Lord, and celebrating the things He has for us (even if we don’t see them yet). This celebrating causes immense spiritual shifting.

4. Adonijah and the leaders of the ungodly alliance heard the sound and immediately knew its meaning. They fled (49–50). Whenever we celebrate what God has done, it releases a heavenly sound that dooms the enemy. It breaks his alliances against us and shatters his designs and plans.

To me, that is the essence of celebrating First Fruits. We rejoice and celebrate what God has promised. As we do, it hastens its fulfillment and also smashes and destroys enemy alliances against us. Be sure to celebrate this month!

Thanks for praying.

Ron and Teddy Sawka