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Yarn Alive House

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Rising Up in Sabah, Malaysia


(Boat ride into the interior of Sabah, Malaysia)

I am finishing up a very interesting week in Sabah, Malaysia. First, we spent three days in the interior. The location was so remote that it could only be reached by all-terrain vehicles or by river boat. I went with a group called PAN (Perpaduan Anak Negeri), headed by Apostle Esther Golingi. The Lord is using them to bring unity to the Anak Negeri (the indigenous peoples) and to rise up into their destiny. While many of them are second-or-third generation Christians, they have been neglected by the government and their rights have been systematically eroded. For example, when the parents of a newborn child can’t read, the government workers often designate the baby as Muslim—even though both parents are Christian. Then when the parents try to get that corrected, they are stonewalled by endless bureaucratic procedures.

On Sunday and Monday, there was a conference for the Anak Negeri here in the main city of Kota Kinabalu. This morning—after a long session of praise as it is in heaven—I was asked to share. The Lord clearly showed me that what happened in Okinawa, Japan, was happening here. In July 2014, some 1500 people from China, Asia, and other nations gathered with about 1600 Japanese. It was like when the lame man was brought to Jesus by his friends in Luke 5. When Jesus saw their faith (not the lame man’s), He said to the man: 1) “Your sins are forgiven,” and 2) “Rise up and walk.” In a way, I believe it was the faith of those 1500 from the nations that God looked at and forgave the sin of Japan—and from then on Japan began to rise up in faith like never before.

The meetings in Kota Kinabalu were a replay of that. God looked at the faith of all the believers and then said to the Anak Negeri that now they could rise up. Furthermore, He clearly showed us that He was looking at the faith of all of the believers in the meeting and that we could declare that now Sabah (the province) could rise up and begin to walk into its destiny.

Join Us for First Fruits and Dedication of the Yarn Alive House
Saturday, September 12, 5:00 p.m.

If at all possible, please make plans to join us for this meeting. We will meet in the Yarn Alive house and will dedicate the building to the Lord so that it will fulfill all of God’s prophetic purposes for it. If you cannot attend because of distance, then please join us on Ustream at Also, we want to prophesy over this building. If you cannot attend, then please send us whatever the Lord is showing you. We want to declare all of His plans/purposes for this apostolic building.

Thanks for praying.

Ron and Teddy Sawka