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November 23–December 22


All-Asia Gathering

January 1–3, 2015

Sano Revival Center


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Arise 5 All-Asia Gathering

Dates: January 1–3 (Thurs.–Sat.), 2015

Location: Sano Revival Center, 1617 Ohashi-cho, Sano-shi, Tochigi-ken, 327-0003, Japan

Cost: Free


Thursday, January 1

  • 14:00, Admittance
  • 15:00, Session 1
  • 18:00, Session 2

Friday, January 2

  • 10:00, Session 3
  • 14:00, Session 4
  • 18:00, Session 5

Saturday, January 3

  • 10:00, Session 6
  • 14:00, Session 7

Venue Capacity: 400

Seating is limited to 400. Please reserve a seat in advance.

For more information or to reserve a seat, please send a message to

Travel Information:

If you’re traveling by train, be sure to exit at Sano, NOT Sano-shi (From Tatebayashi, Sano is one exit further on the JR line). At Sano station, taxis are available to take you to the church. Be sure to tell them “Sano Church” or “Sano Kiristo Kyoukai (in Ohashi-cho).” The church’s address is 1617 Ohashi-cho, Sano-shi, 327-0003. By taxi, the trip should take 8–10 minutes and cost about 1000–1200 yen.

If you take the highway bus, the bus terminal is located at the Sano Premium Outlet Mall. A taxi from there will cost about 1500–1800 yen, and the ride will take about 12–15 minutes.

(Note: Taxi drivers—and all service-industry workers [e.g., restaurant and hotel staff]—are not tipped.)

Traveling from the Tokyo area (not Narita airport) to the church may take up to three hours.


Two online resources are useful for finding your way to Sano:

Japanese trains run on time and transfers—particularly in the city—are usually pretty tight (several minutes or less). (The trains that actually go to Sano, however, run with much less frequency—once or twice an hour.) We highly recommend using the rechargeable payment cards—either Pasmo ( or Suica (—to decrease your transfer time. Cards are obtained and recharged at all train or subway stations. If you’re coming to Sano from the Tokyo area, you should have at least 2000 yen charged up on your card.

(Note: While riding escalators in stations, the left side is for standing and the right side is for passing. Please be mindful of this—people get very upset when the passing lane is obstructed—a few lost seconds can mean a missed train.)

From Haneda, the approximate cost of train fare is ¥2800. From Narita, the approximate cost of train fare is ¥3500.

Bus from Narita and Haneda Airports:

At both airports, there is a service counter where one can buy tickets. The destination is “Sano Bus Terminal.” Schedules and fares are as follows:

Narita Airport

Departing from Narita Airport Terminal 2:

8:15, 13:50, 15:15, 16:40, 19:30

Departing from Narita Airport Terminal 1:

8:20, 13:55, 15:20, 16:45, 19:35

Arriving at Sano Bus Terminal:

10:25, 16:00, 17:25, 18:50, 21:30

Cost: ¥4300

Haneda Airport

Departing from Haneda Airport International Terminal:

9:55, 14:25, 15:45, 17:20, 18:30, 19:35, 20:50, 22:40

Arriving at Sano Bus Terminal:

12:05, 16:25, 17:35, 19:15, 20:25, 21:20, 22:35, 00:20

Cost: ¥2550


Here is a list of several hotels in the area. From many of the hotels, you will need to take a taxi to the church. Some hotels near the station are within walking distance (20 minutes). The conference falls during Japanese New Year’s, and vacancies are limited. Please reserve your room as early as possible.

Near the station.

  • City Hotel Okura, 0283-24-1234,
  • Hotel Sun Route, 0283-24-5000,

Near the Outlet Mall/Highway

  • Chisun Inn, 0283-24-5211,
  • Route Inn, 0283-27-0065,
  • Candeo Hotel, 0283-20-1560,

Rooms are charged per person. The average cost per night is about ¥8000.