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About Us

“Arise 5” is an apostolic network. It aims to be a prototype apostolic network, not only for churches and leaders, but also for marketplace ministers, business people and house churches. Arise 5 has a specific aim to model apostolic centers for breakthrough for a region.

To be a network of Kingdom-minded saints.

To equip and empower the saints to ARISE and go forth to fulfill their calling for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


  1. Provide apostolic leadership, covering and mentoring
  2. Raise up apostles and prophets in the church and in the marketplace as well as help churches and believers into Apostolic mindsets
  3. Raise and support new kinds of kingdom-minded ministries and new kingdom-minded businesses and endeavours
  4. Raise up Apostolic Centers
  5. Connect across the nations – enabling breakthrough for your specific region/nation

Advisory Board:

  • Alex and Rosetta Florence – Joseph’s Storehouse, Alberta, Canada
  • Barbara Yoder – Shekinah Glory, Michigan, USA
  • Dale and LuAnne Mast – Destiny, Dover, Delaware, USA
  • Rich and Wilma Marshall – ROi Leadership International, USA


  • Global Spheres, Chuck Pierce
  • Watchmen for the Nations, David Demian
  • Christian International, Bishop Bill Hamon
  • International Coalition of Apostles, John P. Kelly