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Apostolic Fund Support

Apostolic Fund Supporters 2017

Some time ago, the Lord gave me the idea of asking people to give US $1000 for the year. Over the years the response has grown, and the Apostolic Fund Support (AFS) has been a key factor in helping us fulfill our assignment of taking the apostolic and prophetic to the nations.

What is Apostolic Fund Support?

AFS is really a firstfruits giving. The Lord tells us, “Honor the Lord with your possessions,  And with the firstfruits of all your increase; So your barns will be filled with plenty, And your vats will overflow with new wine.” (Prov 3:9,10).  We can also see here that incredible promises are connected to this firstfruits offering.

One of the key aspects of the firstfruits offering is the pledge aspect.  We give to the Lord the firstfruits, and then He protects and increases the remainder. Sometimes we may not even have the firstfruits. But we pledge it in faith. Not only does God enable us to fulfill the pledge but He gives to us far beyond what that first fruit was.

We see this in the story of Hannah. Unable to conceive but desperately wanting a son,  she pledged him to the Lord.  Amazingly, God enabled her to conceive and a son was born in that very year. She fulfilled her pledge and gave him (Samuel) to the Lord, and God blessed her with 5 more children. 

Thus I firmly believe the Lord will enable you to fulfill your pledge as well as greatly bless you.

Your Apostolic Fund Support enables us to carry out our assignment of taking the Apostolic and Prophetic to the nations.

Your support helps us:

  1. Have offices for Arise 5 networks in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Russia, Hong Kong
  2. We are already reaching into Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Kyrgyzstan but the Lord keeps telling us of more and more nations.
  3. Do more and more for the following:
    • Japan – its time of breakthrough is at hand. This year we want to do more and more broadcasting
    • China – such a vast nation with so many that are hungry to be trained
    • Russia – needs more and more help. Apostles and Prophets must be raised up so revival fire can be increased and not extinguished.
  4. Help those who are called to minister in the marketplace.

The needs are vast and your help is so important.

If you feel led to become and Apostolic Fund Supporter, then please respond in the following way:

  1. Send a message to with the subject line “2017 AFS”
  2. In your message, please include the following information:
    • Last name / Family name
    • First name
    • Country (if you feel comfortable sharing it)
    • Email address
    • Number of pledges

Bank Details for Apostolic Fund Supporters and Any Donations

Information for Arise 5 Donors and Apostolic Fund Supporters

Starting in 2017 you can give online via credit card, debit card, or electronic bank transfer at International credit cards are accepted.

  • USA:  Destiny Christian Church, 2161 Forrest Avenue, Dover, Delaware 19904. For those giving by check, make checks payable to Destiny Christian Church and designate them for Ronald Sawka, Japan Missions.
  • CANADA: We don’t have an office in Canada, but you can give online at
  • JAPAN (and direct deposits from countries not listed below):
    • Bank name: SMBC Trust Bank
    • Bank address: Nishi Shimbashi Square 1-3-1 Nishi Shimbashi, Minato Ku, Tokyo Japan 105-0003
    • SWIFT code: SMTC JPJT
    • Intermediate bank name and SWIFT code: Citibank Japan Ltd. Tokyo Japan, CITI JPJT
    • Account name: Ronald W. Sawka
    • Account number: 93642377
  • KOREA: KEB Bank 172-18-47989-8
  • MALAYSIA: Standard Chartered Bank 390194941955 (account name Ronald W. Sawka)
  • RUSSIA: Please write us at
  • SINGAPORE: POSBank 149-42129-7 (account name Ronald W. Sawka)
  • TAIWAN: Chinatrust 42854-041347-0 (account name Ronald W. Sawka)
  • CHINA: 中国工商银行郑州郑上路支行, 户名:RONALD WADE SAWKA, 账号:6212 2617 0201 3013 933