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Judah Goes First

Judah means “praise.” In the wilderness, the tribe of Judah would precede the other tribes whenever Israel moved to a new location. After entering Canaan, Judah also led the tribes going into battle. Judah goes first, and praise always leads the way into the new things of God.

The Lord uses our praise to enact the plans He has for us. Apostolic and prophetic praise are both remarkable tools and weapons through which we partner with the Holy Spirit—releasing God’s power and glory into our situations.

Among others, this book addresses the following topics:

  • Why God Keeps Changing the Way We Praise
  • Major Moves of God and Shifts in Worship
  • The Power of Prophetic Warfare Praise
  • The Impact of Prophetically Singing the Psalms
  • How to Prophesy Through Song
  • Apostolic Praise as It Is in Heaven

Judah Goes First is available in English, Japanese, and Russian, Standard Chinese and Korean. Digital formats will also be released soon.

Please contact us to obtain copies: (English and Japanese).

Standard Chinese: