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Adar—The Twelfth Hebrew Month (5775)

February 20–March 20, 2015

The source material comes from my 2006 notes taken from a series of lectures [on CD] given by Chuck Pierce [Glory of Zion]. I highly recommend his website for more materials and more in-depth explanations. –Ron Sawka

  • The month of the tribe of Naphtali, which means “sweetness to me.” It is a time of celebration. Your curse is overturned and things become sweet to you. In Deuteronomy 33:23, we see that Naphtali is “satisfied with favor, and full of the blessing of the Lord.” Don’t only believe this, but also celebrate it!
  • The month of eloquent communication and expressions of joy and laughter. “Naphtali is a deer let loose; he uses beautiful words” (Gen. 49:21). We need to be in “celebration mode.” We need to celebrate the end of cycles. Proper celebration of each victory and cycle gives us proper faith for the next cycle.
  • Declare that God has brought you out of the old and into a time of great favor. I love Moses’s celebration song after they crossed the Red Sea. The song declares that not only had God brought them out of Egypt, but also that He would bring them into the Promised Land (Exod. 15:17). Celebration gives us faith to “enter” all the promises God has for us.
  • The month of Pisces, the fishes. Finding your supply in the “hidden” world (e.g., the gold coin in fish’s mouth). There is an identity for you in the invisible world. Don’t always be practical (having a desire to conform and be accepted). No, we must find our spiritual identity. The demons know and can see that identity—so, we might as well embrace it! Many people undervalue themselves. We must not do that. Remember, you are not just a “fish.” You have a gold coin—faith and the presence of God—inside you.
  • Your true identity should begin to be reflected this month, spiritually as well as physically. God has established cycles to help us come into our identity—the spiritual will be reflected in the physical. Let the real you (beloved of God, bold warrior, one who walks in wisdom and love) come forth.
  • The month of the letter kaf [כּ], which resembles a mask. This is a time of removing any “masks” and entering into laughter. You need to remove any masks to enter into the true joy of who you are. Ask the Lord to remove any false perceptions or hidings of who you. Receive your true identity and enjoy it.
  • A month to overturn worry and anxiety, including worry about your supply. If you get rid of anxiety, then you can see your supply. If you are ruled by worry, you will not be able to see the provision God has for you (Phil. 4:6–7).
  • The month of laughter, abounding joy, the witnessing of life entering into darkness, the advantage of light over darkness, the power of barrenness being broken. No matter what the darkness is, laugh and watch God permeate it. Light permeates darkness when we see this, and barrenness will break.
  • Begin to laugh at fear (Ps. 34:4–6).
  • The month of the spleen. Pull out any roots of depression and despair so that faith can break through into our thought processes. Ask the Lord to do the following: 1) show you when you enter into despair; and 2) show you the roots of that despair, so that they can be pulled out.
  • The month that Moses was born. Thus, it means that your deliverance is forming. See that deliverance is already forming for you. Take a look at whatever is holding you captive and declare God’s truth. Declare that He is already forming deliverance and freedom for you, and that it is on the way! (Exod. 2:10).
  • A month to develop your war strategy against the anti-Christ spirit. Don’t let the giants produce fear in you; guard against idolatry. Amalek will try to come. Don’t end the year in fear. See Exodus 17:8–16. Note that Amalek attacked from the rear. Be sure you are not “holding back.” Also, when Moses’s hands were held up, Israel would prevail. Keep your hands held high in faith.
  • A time for wrong decrees to be broken off of you. (If wrong decrees are heeded to, they will encircle you and will cause others to say the same negative thing about you.) You need to break off the negative things decreed about you. I suggest praying and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal some wrong decrees, both self-made, and “others-made.” Forgive those who uttered them, put the blood of Jesus on those wrong decrees, and then break them in Jesus’s name.
  • It’s a time for leadership to awaken—Next month they go to war. Ask the Lord to show you every area of leadership you have, so that you can fully lead as He wishes you to.