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Nissan—The First Month of the Hebrew Year (5775)
March 21–April 19, 2015The Hebrew New Year occurs during the seventh month, but because of the fall of man, God instituted a new beginning. Thus, this is the first month and the beginning of a new cycle of redemption. Passover is this month (14th day of Nissan); it is a time of being set free from the old and entering into the new. This month, be conscious of God’s redemption cycle, and know that you can experience more deeply His deliverance and healing, and that you can rise higher and higher in Him.

Below are some of the highlights of Nissan, also known as Abib (or Aviv).

  • The tribe of Judah is associated with this month. Judah goes first into warfare. (See Judges 1:2; 20:18.) Judah was also the first tribe in the order of procession when Israel moved in the wilderness (Num. 10:14). Judah means “praise,” and is also the way we can keep our hand on the neck of the enemy (Gen. 49:8).
  • The month in which spring starts; the beginning of the month of direct light. Declare that your light is getting brighter. (See Isaiah 60; Luke 2:32; Isaiah 49:6; and Acts 26:18.) Declare His light is shining even in the places that have been dark until now.
  • The month of Passover. (Passover begins on the 14th of Nissan: April 3, 2015). Passover is designed to help us enter into a fuller experience of our great salvation in Jesus. We do this by examining the first Passover. Note the following things:
    • Deliverance. Remember where we came from. Say, “Lord, Thank You for this year; thank You for how you delivered me in the past, and for the many ways You will deliver me this year.”
    • Every Passover expect new a level of deliverance. Peter was set free from prison in Acts 12. Is anything (e.g., a bad habit) holding you back? Believe for deliverance.
    • Passover is a time of crossing over (e.g., the Red Sea, the Jordan River in Joshua 4–5). Realize that you are crossing into something new. Here in Japan, we are definitely crossing into a brand new season.
    • Reproach is being rolled away (Josh. 5:9). Any old sense of failure that is still a part of our identities that is allowed to remain will hinder us. Jesus wants to roll that off of us.
    • New provision (Exod. 12:34–36; Josh. 5:10–12). Each Passover is a time when the Lord wants to bless us with new provision. Look for it; expect it!
    • New intimacy with the Lord, and new strategy.
  • The month of redemption. (A price has been paid for you to be set free from each one of your “prisons.”) Read Ruth, and see how Boaz bought back the property that had been lost for Ruth and Naomi, and how this brought Ruth into her destiny. Declare all is being unlocked and that you are moving into your destiny. Jesus has bought back your destiny.
  • The month of the beginning of miracles See Nehemiah 2:1 and Esther 3:7. In both cases, the miraculous chain of events were set into motion in Nissan.
  • The month that sets the course for your future. Again, this is why it is so important to keep moving in praise.
  • The annual renewal of Gods hei plan. Every year, the spirit of God needs to blow on you during this month. Ask the Holy Spirit to blow upon you for refreshing, for new revelation, and for a quickened understanding of what God is doing.
  • Linked to the constellation Aries (the ram, or the lamb). Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29). God provided a ram for Abraham instead of Isaac. He is Jehovah Jireh, and God will provide (Gen. 22:14). Expect unusual sources of provision.
  • The month kings go to war; the new year for kings. God wants to “expand” you. Declare that plans and new beginnings shall begin to take place. Go to war with the Lord! (2 Sam. 11:1).
  • The month of speech. If you speak negatively during this month, it will adversely affect you three to four months later. The seeds of negativity take root and will pull you backward. Conversely, your positive confessions should “grab the wind” and change the atmosphere. (See 1 Peter 3:9; 1 Samuel 1:17; 2:20–21.)
  • The “controller month.” Put your best foot forward. You need to assess both where you are at and where you are going.
  • The month where you need to “learn to fish.” If you can’t pay your taxes, pull a coin out of a fish’s mouth. Let the Lord give you new and unusual means of supply. (See Matt. 17:27.)
  • “Step forward with your better foot.” Don’t wait and hold back. Move ahead confidently in God. Numbers 33:3 (AMP) says, “The Israelites went out [of Egypt] with a high hand and triumphantly.”
Note: The source material comes from my 2006 notes taken from a series of lectures [on CD] given by Chuck Pierce [Glory of Zion]. I highly recommend his website for more materials and more in-depth explanations. –Ron Sawka