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Rest in the Lord

Arise 5 Weekly Update: Aug 2, 2017; 10 Av, 5777

Resting in the Lord; Prophecies about Rest
(Also, Email Updates Will Resume on August 23)

Greetings! Today I’m writing about rest. Similar to last year, I felt the Lord emphasize scaling back as much as possible during August. Not only will this give us rest, but it will also allow most of our staff to be able to rest as well. MPP will be off from August 1 and will resume on August 28. Similarly, we won’t send out an update again until August 23.

We know that rest is important because God instituted it in the very beginning—He rested from His labors on the seventh day. Later, He instituted rest into the laws He gave Israel. Rest was not only limited to the sabbath, but also included the three major feasts and the monthly celebration of firstfruits.

Resting is not because work is bad or negative. On the contrary, the Lord is the one who created work. He gave Adam the assignment of taking care of the garden to bring about increase and multiplication. Work is a privilege and the Lord has put the desire to work within us.

However, God does not want us to rely on our own strength and efforts. Just like He was there to give counsel and advice to Adam, He wants to be involved with each one of us. He wants to walk and talk with us so that we can succeed. Psalm 85:12 states, “Yes, the Lord will give what is good; and our land will yield its increase.”

Every time we rest is actually a choice of faith. When we obey the Lord and rest, we are declaring any success we may have are not because of our own strength. Nor is it because of our skill. Rather, we are declaring it is because of His goodness, and that we are aligned with Him and that His angelic hosts are walking with us.

I feel we are about to enter times of unprecedented opportunity and harvest. However, our degree of success will depend heavily on how we have learned to rest in the Lord and rely on Him.

Monday, July 31, was the final day of MPP before the break. Below are some of the prophecies that were given. I include them for all of us because I feel they give direction about what the Lord wants to do while we are resting these next few weeks.

Prophecies from July 31 MPP

• “In order for the new birthings, I say to you, ‘Have times of intimacy with Me.’”

• I saw the Japanese character for “new.” The Lord says, “You know I love you. The plans I have for you, I want you to meditate on them. Right now, they are way back in the deep recesses of your soul. Let them rise up again. That which I have for you and the promises and plans will not change. The time has come now for those plans to be fulfilled. Don’t look at the people, but look only at Me. It’s like you’re on a new stage that has been prepared for you. However, you need to stretch and jump to grab hold of it. So jump and grab hold,” says the Lord.

• The Lord says, “This really is a time of redemption. It’s like things you thought you missed for whatever reason, I am bringing them back. The opposition is gone. Leap for joy and grab hold of that which I have for you.”

• “Rest in Me. Remember resting in Me is not departing from Me, but is keeping your eyes upon Me more than ever. I will cause things to spring up in your heart. These are things I have spoken long ago, but they will begin to stir and stir as you spend time with me, and many things will be birthed this month. But you will see and you will align for the future. Watch the new connections, and watch for realigning with previous, almost forgotten, connections. Watch for new favor to come upon you. Watch for a new level of faith to arise.”

• The Lord says, “It’s like you are feeling the next step is too big or too high for you to take. But I have released my angels to help you take that step. The enemy loves to make you think you must try and try and strive. He wants to fill you with those thoughts. However, I am setting you free from this thinking that ‘I need to do it by myself.’ Know that when you make this decision (that I am with you and will help), that my angels will indeed help you.”

• The Lord says, “Once again I am taking away the fear that prevents you from going to the new place. Everything is okay. I will bring reward for all things. All that you have done, I do remember. That will become your shield. You will be able to take the next step. Remember you are Mine. Let’s move ahead. Together, let’s go to the new place.”

• The Lord who called Abraham says, “My beloved children, I called Abraham out of his father’s house. He didn’t know where he was going, but he trusted the word of God. You also have trusted in My word. Abraham had a time when he temporarily stopped until his father passed away, but I called him forth. Isaac was born. Just when he thought it was impossible was when I gave him rest. His eyes were upon me. So I say to you to come to Me and rest in Me because I want to give you that new vision.”

Thanks for praying.

Ron and Teddy Sawka

Month of Av (July 24–August 22): A Time to Be Watchful

Let’s keep on being watchful, but with expectation. Just as Av 9 (August 1) is known as the low point, Av 15 (August 7) is a high point because on that day the final person of the old generation passed away. Then the Lord could lead the new generation (under Joshua) into the Promised Land. So it’s a high point. Be watchful and be ready for the new things the Lord wants to do.

The blessings for the month of Av may be found here.

Evangelistic Broadcasting in Japan

We’ve started releasing evangelistic broadcasts for Japan. The content is available on iTunes (please subscribe and leave a review), as well as on our YouTube channel. (I speak in English and it’s interpreted into Japanese—so English speakers, have a listen!)

MPP Will Break from August 1–25

I feel it’s important to rest. Since many have vacations in August, we’ve decided to break from August 1–25. We can trust the Lord to watch over us. Remember these words He wants spoken over us:

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace” (Num. 6:24–26).

The final MPP before summer break is Monday, July 31. We’ll resume on Monday, August 28.

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