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Japan’s Time Is Now!

Arise 5 Weekly Update: September 21, 2017; Tishrei 1, 5777

Japan—The Time Is Now!
Nagoya Gathering Report, September 18–20

I want to report on the incredible things the Lord did for us at the Gathering in Nagoya (Sept. 18–20). I was trying to write this at the end of the final session (on Wednesday morning), but couldn’t because of the wonderful things happening in the presence of the Lord, including the healing of a paralyzed woman.

It was just a local Gathering, but the Lord brought over 400 of us together. Forty were from Korea, and another 140 were Chinese who live in Japan. It was an amazing mix. God wanted to demonstrate that these three nations really have become one in the Spirit. That unity brings a level of authority to affect even the governments of those nations.

A key theme was “the sword,” and the Lord drew our attention to this by the typhoon that roared through Japan from Okinawa to Hokkaido the day before the meetings started. That typhoon had been named “Talim” in the Philippines, which means “sharp sword.”

On the second day, Dean Fujishima presented a sword to the Japanese church, representing the sword of the Lord. It wasn’t a real sword, but was a miniature toy sword that he’d been carrying around for several years. Yes, there is quite a story behind it. Some years prior, the Lord clearly told him to have a real Japanese samurai sword made. The Lord impressed on him that “He didn’t have a sword in Japan.” When Dean obeyed and ordered it to be crafted, he was then impressed to carry around this toy sword. (I think we can all see it required extra faith and humility to carry around such a thing.)

That morning when Dean presented it to the Japanese church, all of a sudden we understood. Because of all of the Gatherings, as well as the prayers and repentance and allowing ourselves to be aligned with each other as well as Korean and Chinese believers, we had been prepared. Now, the Japanese church corporately had become a sword for the Lord. We knew there would be a new sharpness and effectiveness to everything we now did for Him.

This also connected to a vision David Demian received several years ago. He saw the Lord thrust a sword into a red target (a bullseye) and then it was like the end-times battle began. We always knew this referred to Japan, but this time we realized we were gathered in Nagoya, which is part of Chubu, the central region of Japan. It was like the sword was prepared and the “center” of the bullseye was pierced. I believe we will all see that we have now shifted into a much more effective level of authority and spiritual warfare.

One of the biggest shifts was in the mindsets of the believers. The majority of Christians in Japan have long believed that God will send a revival. It’s not hard to believe for one in the future; it’s another matter to believe for one now. It’s like Martha and her dead brother Lazarus. She had no trouble believing in the resurrection for the future, but in order for Lazarus to be resurrected, she had to believe for “now” (see John 11).

I believe we are seeing the beginning of a massive shift in Japan to believe for “now.” It’s no longer trying to have faith or trying to believe for God’s moving. There is now a clear and bold faith. This carries with it an authority so that systems that stand against God’s plans will be dealt with and the captives will be set free. What incredible timing to cross into the new year. The year 5777, the year of the sword, is over and now we’re passing through the gates of the Lord into the new doors and new beginnings of 5778.

Entering the New Hebrew Year 5778

I am so glad we can walk with the Lord following the Hebrew calendar. Not only are we entering the month of Tishrei, which is about fullness and overflow, but we are also entering a new year. It’s like a long process of preparation—and warfare for this preparation—is over, and now we’re entering into new beginnings that the Lord has prepared for us. This seventh month has three feasts, which are as follows:

  • Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 21
  • Day of Atonement, Sept. 30
  • Tabernacles, October 5–12

One of my favorites is the Feast of Trumpets (which begins the evening of Sept. 21) and mainly consists of blowing the shofar all day long. Not only does this announce the new year, but it is also a call in the spiritual realm to “come awake” to the goodness of the Lord. So, go ahead, blow the shofar, but do it in faith. Watch for a new awakening in yourself, in your family, and in those around you!

Thanks for praying.

Ron and Teddy Sawka

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